okay i need to know what’s going on RN 

so i think it’s one of two either selena want’s to take it slow or she just wanna be friends „ what do you think ? 

“You know when you’re in love when you love an imperfect person, perfectly. Everybody is different. Everyone has their quirks, but that’s what makes them beautiful. Confidence in a person is stunning. You notice it and I think it’s great. Confidence is what it’s all about. I’m one of those people, where if I’m in love, I go for it. It’s nice to have someone at my side who understands me. Justin just comes out with so many funny things and let’s say he has many good points!”

I’m Selena Gomez. I got my own show, band, clothing line, I’m the youngest UNICEF ambassador but all people care about is who I’m dating.

We were best of friends since we were this high so why do I get nervous every time you walk by…“-Justin Bieber, Catching Feelings.


“It’s a world of wonder with you in my life.”